Sicily and salt:
a condition and a destiny.

“… …wherever we look, in Sicily salt seems to be a force, a condition and a destiny, both under the economic aspect as well as from a landscape and environmental point of view”.

– Gesualdo Bufalino

In Ragusa since the 1930sAn ancient
family tradition

Iblea Sale was founded in the 30s in Ragusa, along the eastern coasts of Sicily, thanks to the initiative of Giovanni Borrometi, a highly esteemed blacksmith who lost his sight after giving his work to his city. But he did not lose the desire to work and it was then that an indissoluble bond was formed which linked the history of his family to that of a product which has a tradition as ancient as the island: salt.

The unpaved roads, the brigands, the bad weather and the long and tiring journeys by cart to cross Sicily from the east coast to the west coast, did not stop the initiative of a man who made his job a real mission.

Intuition is a matter of family. So, as soon as he took up reins of the business, Giuseppe Borrometi, Giovanni’s second son, decided to find a more practical and functional salt sales system. Thus the 1kg paper bag was born, the first of the many revolutionary packaging which will follow. In fact, paper will soon be replaced by plastic, domestically welded by parents, more resistant and perfect to be distributed on board an Apecar.

Integral, Thick, Fine, Flavoured, Iodised.Borrometi. As tradition wants.

Over time the business grows, improves the quality of transport and products. The need to increase production and sales is also growing. For the first time the provincial boundaries are crossed and then a corporate transformation takes place: from vendors to salt distributors, with the commitment to giving dignity to a business which at the time was the prerogative of the most disadvantaged social classes.

The partnership with a company from Northern Italy soon brings the Borrometi to the creation of ad hoc packaging machines, which allow them to meet the needs of a vast and increasingly expanding market.

In the meantime, in fact, the State mines grant private individuals the transformation of the raw material, duplicating the production between Sea Salt, coming from the salt pans of Trapani, and rock salt from the mines of Racalmuto (AG).

A new production plant is therefore created: 2000 square metres of factory equipped with a plant for the washing and drying, as well as the packaging, of the many types of salt which are processed and packaged over the years.

Passion, innovation and love for the territory; these are the ingredients which led Iblea Sale to the table of more than 7 countries in the world.

Una lunga tradizione familiare

Sale Marino
Sale Marino
ll Sale Marino è un prodotto assolutamente naturale, ottenuto per evaporazione spontanea dell’acqua del mare, seguendo lavorazioni e tecniche complesse, tramandate di generazione in generazione. La raccolta avviene per mezzo delle saline, di cui la Sicilia è ricca nella parte orientale dell’isola, quella che soddisfa i requisiti orogeologici. Una volta selezionato il sale migliore, mediante un procedimento meccanico viene purificato e confezionato, rispettando gli standard di purezza e di igiene.

Sale Marino Integrale
Sale Marino Integrale
Il vero Sale Marino Integrale è un un concentrato essenziale di acqua marina e un condensato di luce solare, definito oro bianco e luce della terra. Dall’aspetto grezzo, grumoso e dal colore bianco tendente al rosa, racchiude tutta l’umidità del mare e ne conserva il profumo.
Un prodotto puro, autentico, che conserva intatto il suo patrimonio naturale di oligoelementi; ricco in modo naturale di iodio, fluoro e magnesio, senza additivi, è considerato un ottimo integratore remineralizzante.